Because Nutrition Needs to be Doable

Why is it that "life" gets in the way of living well?

The struggle is real. And it inspired us to create the ultimate healthy-eating hack.

Our plant-based superfood smoothies are chef-created, nutritionist-approved, and freeze-dried to lock in nutrients! That’s why Everipe is the easiest at-home smoothie on the planet. Now everyone can enjoy tasty, nourishing Everipe smoothies any time, anywhere, without any fuss.

Finally, fast food that doesn't slow you down. Smooth move.

Why Freeze-Dried

Not frozen. Not dried. Really?  

Freeze-drying is a 100% natural process using no chemicals or preservatives. The method was discovered by the Incas, who used the frigid temperatures in the high Andes to preserve food. Compared to other preservation processes (like freezing or dehydrating), freeze-drying preserves more nutrients and keeps a truer, fresher taste.

Our Story

Everipe was developed in 2018 by two friends, Kerry and Greg, busy people who were looking for a practical way to eat clean. They understood that smoothies are an incredible way to nourish mind and body, but daily routines (not to mention spoiling fruit!) seem to get in the way.

Tired of uninspired powders, too busy to create bespoke smoothies, and unable to continually keep fresh ingredients on hand, Kerry and Greg imagined Everipe, a truly satisfying smoothie solution. No more compromises between convenience and nutrition. Designing great tasting smoothies that are perfectly portioned and packed with nutrition was harder than we expected! But we hope their efforts offer you an enjoyable way to experience delicious, organic superfoods.