Why we started Everipe

We feel your struggle. 

We’ve been on the nutritional roller-coaster ourselves.

Cleanses…Fasting…various forms of deprivation. Should you join a food tribe - Keto, Paleo, Oreo? And how do you keep up with an ever changing narrative on the nutritional villain du jour. Fat is bad. Oops. Nope, now it's good, sugar is bad?  

We know it can be dizzying and hard to keep up, for your own wellness and that of your family. You deserve to feel good about your self-care and we hope you find Everipe a helpful part of your nutrition routine.

Real foods, delicious recipes, ready in a snap. We appreciate your support for our small business, would love for you to give us a try and can't wait to hear what you think! 


Here To Help

Smoothies are an amazing way to incorporate nutritionally powerful ingredients into your diet. But making them can be a hassle – sourcing obscure superfoods from a health store, knowing what flavors to combine, what quantities to use? Seriously, who wants to deal with this stuff? Superfood geeks like us, that's who!   

Everipe's recipes use nothing but 100% real foods - you'll never find an added sweetener, preservative, or six syllable word on our ingredient list. 

We know you’re busy so we’ve done the work for you. Our smoothie kits are bursting with flavor, nutritient-rich, and ready in 60 seconds.


More About Freeze Dried and Why it's Amazing: 

  • TASTE: freeze drying amplifies the taste of each fruit so that when blended, it tastes much closer to fresh (vs frozen). And it means that luscious taste can be delivered as mother nature intended, with ZERO added sugars. 

  • NUTRITION: freeze drying is a completely natural process that maintains more nutrients than traditional freezing.

  • EASE: Everipe doesn't need to be refrigerated - seriously! Store a ready-to-blend, plant based smoothie in your pantry for up to a year. No time for the grocery store? We got you covered! 

  • AND freeze drying means you'll waste waaay less produce than a typical fresh fruit smoothie routine (goodbye furry berries). 

We want to make clean, real-food nourishment easier for busy people. Everipe has been a game changer for our families and we can't wait to share it with yours  

~ Greg & Kerry (Co-Founders)