Everipe gives you a 100% organic smoothie in the same time as it takes to brew another cup of coffee. But we totally support that first cup of coffee! 

After months researching recipes, chopping fruits and measuring superfoods, our founder Greg needed a faster way to add nutrition to mornings. He switched to powders and found them completely joyless. When he found nothing on the market that offered all the sensory moments of real food with the convenience of powders, he knew that growing up in his family's grocery store might come in handy on the way to creating a unique solution.

Greg collaborated with a Chef and a Holistic Nutritionist and through their discovery process, the concept of a single-serve smoothie solution using freeze dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and superfoods was created. Greg met Kerry when he put out word that he needed some branding ideas. Inspired by the notion of freeze dried making fruits 'everlastingly ripe' (that's a word right?), Everipe was born. 

More about Freeze Dried and why we think it's so amazing: 

  • Freeze drying is a completely natural process that maintains more nutrients than traditional freezing.

  • Everipe doesn't need to be refrigerated - seriously! Store a ready-to-blend, 100% organic smoothie in your pantry for up to a year. No time for the grocery store? We got you covered! 

  • AND freeze drying means you'll waste waaay less produce than a typical fresh fruit smoothie routine (goodbye furry berries). 

We want to help you feel successful starting your day because we think small changes can lead to big transformations.  We'd love for you to give us a try!  

~ Greg & Kerry (Co-Founders)