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We created Everipe for those who feel overwhelmed by the "wellness" industry. People who may not have the time, energy, or know-how to create recipes that make them feel their best. If that's you, we hope to help change YOUR story.

Meet Our Founder - Greg

A blend of... 3rd generation grocer, cat dad, smoothie sommelier, retired DJ, new yogi, less new athlete.

Inspired by his grandfathers' legacy of delighting customers in their familiy grocery stores, Greg experimented with thousands (2,582 to be exact) of smoothie recipes in his kitchen to deliver the perfect balance of nutrition, taste and ease. When he nailed it, he knew he needed to share.

Meet Our Founder - Kerry

A blend of . . . boy mom, dog mom, spinning instructor, snowboarder, voracious reader of books, the paper kind.

Inspired by a diet industry that thrives on failure, Kerry hopes Everipe can help people simply enjoy real foods, without the dieting, restricting and obsessing. She believes we deserve to feel our best, shame free!

We blended 2,582 smoothies to create the perfect recipes

We blended 2,582 smoothies to create the perfect recipes

Greens with Envy

Glow-inducing blend of banana, mango, apple, spinach + superfoods

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Takes 2 To Mango

Digestion supporting blend of mango, banana, papaya + superfoods

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Vitality-boosting blend of raspberries, strawberries, pomegranate + superfoods

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Strawberry Bananza

Balancing blend of strawberries, bananas + superfoods

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Cocoa Mojo

Energizing blend of rich dark cocoa, banana + superfoods

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