Superfood Smoothie FAQs

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Honestly, how easy is it to make an Everipe smoothie?

  1. Pour ingredients from outer pouch + superfood packet into blender.

  2. Add 1 cup of water (or your favorite milk) and 1 cup of ice.

  3. Blend for AT LEAST 60 seconds for a truly creamy smoothie. 

What is freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying is a 100% natural process using no chemicals or preservatives. The method was thought to have originated with Inca Tribes who used the frigid temperatures in the high Andes to preserve food. Compared to other preservation processes (like traditional freezing or dehydrating), freeze-drying preserves more nutrients, blends up as deliciously as fresh, and Everipe stores in the pantry for up to a year.

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Why are the freeze-dried ingredients so small?

Freeze-drying is a natural process that removes water from food which can be up to 90% of the original volume. But it leaves the good parts, especially the flavor and nutrition. When re-hydrated with ice and liquid in your blender, Everipe ingredients are reborn with the color, consistency
and taste when they were freshly picked at the farm. They’re small but mighty!

How does an Everipe Smoothie Subscription work?

Any 4-pack or 5-pack of smoothie is available weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for just $4.99 per smoothie. Pause, cancel or change options anytime. Subscriptions are not required though and you can buy as many or as little as you want with no lock in subscription plan. 

Are your smoothie blends gluten-free?

Yup, all Everipe smoothies are gluten-free.

Are your smoothie blends dairy-free?

Everipe smoothies are dairy free and taste terrific with ice + water but feel free to customize it with your favorite milk too! 

Do your smoothie blends contain nuts?

All of our blends are packaged in a facility that processes tree nuts. Cocoa Mojo, Pina Colossal, Strawberry Bananza smoothies contain almonds.

Are your smoothies Vegan? 

Five of Everipe smoothies contain 100% plant based ingredients. Our Tropical Zing smoothie includes bee pollen in addition to ginger, turmeric and tropical fruits for a great immune boost. Bee pollen is often considered nature’s ‘perfect food’ for its incredible health properties. It is derived from plant sources but categorizing it as vegan is a source of 'buzzy debate' within the community :) 

How and when do you ship my order?

We ship your order within 1-2 business days, so expect your smoothie delivery within 5-7 business days.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE in the continental United States. Yes, you heard that right. Totally free.

I ordered multiple smoothies but only received one package?

You might receive multiple packages to fulfill your total order. They travel through the United States Post Office and may not arrive on the same day. You'll receive an email with tracking details for each of your packages. Please reach out to us in the event if anything is missing or you are unsatisfied in any way with your order. We’ll make it right!

Can I return smoothie blends?

Your good feelings (and good health) are our top priority. If you’re not happy for any reason, reach out to us at so that we can remedy the situation.

Do you ship to my state?

Shipping is free in the continental United States. Yes, you heard that right. Totally free. At this time, we do not ship to Hawaii and Alaska.

Have some more questions or need to read a little more?

Visit our blog to find out more information on a variety of topics ranging from the tips and tricks to level up your smoothie game to how the pandemic has changed our eating habits.

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