Happy Hour without the Hangover

Move over kombucha, there’s a new health-food-made-boozy in town: superfood smoothies. 

The end of summer has arrived (sniff) but that doesn't mean we need to pack in the fun. What better way to close out the dog days of summer and welcome oh-so-industrious Fall than a cocktail with health benefits

We’ve teamed up with lifestyle expert and cocktail connoisseur Colleen Mullaney, author of Gin Austen: 50 Cocktails to Celebrate the Novels of Jane Austen, to create a trio of happy hour worthy cocktails with our superfood kits.  Warning: summer fun ahead! 

Blissful Berry Margarita

Serves 2

In a blender, combine all ingredients and blend until smooth.

In a shallow dish, pour the contents of the superfood packet. Moisten the rims of the glasses by running a lime wedge around the rim. Dip moistened rims into the superfoods and coat evenly. Pour into glasses and serve.

Tip:Try adding 1/2 cup of frozen mixed berries for extra zip!

Not Your Mama's Mud Slide

Serves 2

  • 1 packet Cocoa Mojo Superfood Smoothie Kit
  • 1 packet superfood packet, leave some for garnish
  • 2 oz. vodka
  • 2 oz. Bailey’s
  • 2 oz. Kahlua
  • 2 small scoops chocolate gelato
  • 2 cups ice

In a blender combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and sprinkle cocoa superfood packet for garnish, serve.

Tip: for a lighter version, substitute 1 frozen banana for gelato.

Perfect Piña Colada

Serves 4

In a blender, combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour into glasses, add whipped topping and sprinkle with superfood packet. Serve.

Tip: For added crunch, mix superfood packet into whipped topping before adding to Pina Colada.

As always, happy blending! 

About the Cocktail Creator
Colleen Mullaney is the author of 11 books, including It’s Five o’Clock Somewhere and Sparkle & Splash. A regular contributor to Huffington Post, she has appeared on HGTV’s Insider’s Garden; in the pages of ABCNews.com, InStyle, MSNBC.com, New York Daily News, and Woman’s Day; and as a guest on Martha Stewart Radio. Formerly the editor-in-chief of Family Circle Homecrafts, FTD in Bloom, Jo-Ann, and At Home with Chris Madden magazines, she lives in Larchmont, NY.

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