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How This Busy Mom-of-3 Finds Time For It All

Kerry Roberts

 Welcome to My Morning Routine, our new blog series that highlights the morning rituals of some of our favorite Everipers. Inspirational habits, relatable circumstances: this is morning in real life. 

Jessica Boscarini, Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of Healthy Fit Fab Moms, is busy.  She's mom to three kids (including a baby!), business owner, and on a mission to help moms find some balance in this fast-paced life.  And it's clear Jessica practices what she preaches.  With three kids on different schedules and a business to run, here's how to manages to make her superfoods and eat them, too. 

with Heathly Fit Fab Moms Jessica Boscarini

6:15AM:  I'm up! Mornings are super hectic so I try to wake up before my family so I can have at least a few minutes of peace before I need to be in full mom mode. I drink a tall glass of water as I prepare my superfood coffee (which is full of protein, MCTs, and a superfood powder that I make, all of which helps keep me full until breakfast, as well as starts my day off on the right foot)!

6:30AM:  This is my most productive time of the day, so I quickly run through my emails, finding the ones which need the most attention and answer those, as well as [try to] complete any projects that are due that day. This is also when I’m pumping (for the other baby I send milk to), as well as drink my coffee. I definitely have lots of multi-tasking going on here!  

6:45AM: My oldest is up and needs to get ready for school, so I make his breakfast (usually a mix of nuts and dried mangos), finish prepping and/or packing his lunch (depending what I got done the night before), and help to make sure he is ready to leave by 7:15.

7:00AM: It’s workout time! This is when I try to sneak in a quick bout of Pilates, Barre, or some other strength training/body weight type exercises before the day gets too crazy! I’m my best self after working out, so this is really important to me!

7:15AM: Baby’s up! My daughter is such a happy baby, so I really look forward to getting her in the mornings! I change her, feed her and then play with her for a bit.

7:45AM: Time to wake up my older daughter, if she’s not up already! It’s time to get her ready for pre-school, which entails getting her breakfast (she likes homemade protein bars), brushing her hair, helping her put on her uniform, etc.

8:15AM: The girls play for a bit while I clean-up the kitchen and go back to responding to emails (all while standing at the side of the counter so I can keep my eye on them in the attached family room).

8:30AM: It’s time to leave for school! I pack up the girls and we drop my daughter off at Pre-K.

9:00AM: The baby and I are finally home and it is time for breakfast! I make her and I an Everipe Smoothie Bowl – which we are both obsessed with! She’ll also have some superfood oatmeal, and I’ll have a homemade protein bar.

9:30AM: Again, it’s time to clean-up, change baby and try to do some more work! I’ll go back and forth between working on my computer and playing with her/keeping her out of trouble.

11AM: It’s finally baby’s naptime – and the time I can complete any big things I need to for the day! This will usually last an hour – if I’m lucky – although sometimes she skips it and I’m SOL. #momlife

We think we need a nap, too.  Thanks, Jessica!

Jessica Boscarini, Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of Healthy Fit Fab Moms, is not only all about eating healthy, but believes that health involves everything you do – from nutritious foods and working out to taking time just for you. This is why she’s also a Pilates, Barre, and Spin Instructor, as well as a Baby & Motherhood Consultant – helping to make new and veteran moms’ lives easier and more productive. 

Whether it’s creating personal Nutrition Plans or Fitness Routines for individuals or writing reviews and blog posts for the masses, Jessica’s main goal is to help others live a better life – one that is filled with health, fitness and fabulousness. Born and raised in sunny San Diego, CA, Jessica now resides with her husband and three kids in Dallas, TX.

For more information on Jessica and all her services, check her out on website at or on Facebook and Instagram.