Food Trends for 2021 We're Genuinely Excited About

Pancake cereal? Whipped coffee? Sourdough starter? It’s been an interesting year for many reasons, including our relationship with food.  As we look ahead to 2021, here are 5 food trends straight from the experts that we’re looking forward to:

From Whole Foods: Well-Being Is Served

Whole Foods predicts the lines between the supplement and grocery aisles will continue to blur in 2021. As a superfood company, needless to say we are here for it.  Expect to see more functional foods incorporated into everyday essentials, from chia seeds to mushrooms and more. 

From Martha Stewart Living: Local Goes Mainstream

The pandemic showed us how fragile our food system can be, while staying at home forced us all to take stock in what’s important--and the data shows that our health, our local economies, and “slowing down” are all up there.  Community supported agriculture is expected to grow into 2021, so if you have been eyeing that CSA Share, best get on it now.

From Food Food & Wine: Deeper Dives into Black Foodways

According to Food & Wine, restaurant trends in 2021 could highlight more diverse cuisines from different cultures.  Amplifying Black voices isn’t just about making space on social media--food is an amazing way to shift narratives, start conversations, and educate. We’re excited to see how food can play a role in helping us learn and celebrate black culture in 2021.

From Kroger: FutureProof Foods

If you don't know what biohacking is yet, soon you will. We love hearing that people are looking for flavor and functionality in their foods. (That’s exactly what we’re aiming for here at Everipe!) Shoppers will continue to look for foods that boost immunity, support brain health, and help manage stress. Who doesn’t need more of that! 

From Well+Good: "Half-Scratch" Meal Kits

It’s safe to say that we're believers in short cuts, and all the pandemic cooking of 2020 has only affirmed that belief. Thankfully today’s meal kits are a far cry from the Salisbury steak frozen dinners of our youth. (Cue the collective shudder.) As we continue to spend more time in the kitchen, 2021 is going to be all about finding that shortcut to save you time and sanity while pleasing your tastebuds. Fool-proof meal kits that mix expert guidance with fresh ingredients to deliver restaurant quality meals--even if the skill set is amateur--will earn more real estate in our kitchens.  And shameless plug: our smoothie kits totally fit the bill.

Here's to health, happiness, and plenty of good meals in 2021! 

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