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From Pantry to Perfection in 60 seconds.

Just add 1 cup/8oz ice + 1 cup/8oz water or your favorite milk and blend! (Yes, our Co-founder Kerry always moves this fast)

Real Fruits, In Your Pantry.

With Everipe on hand, you’re always 60 seconds away from the perfect smoothie. We take fruits picked at peak vitality and naturally freeze-dry them so they’re forever RIPE. Then we add superfoods for protein and nutrients. What do you have to do? Just Blend. Pour. Sip.

Excited Yet? Wait there's more:

● We have zero added sugars.
● We're preservative free.
● We're gluten free.
● We're dairy free.
● And we're made from 100% real food.


"It felt cleansing, like such a great way to start the day. It made me want to eat well and be healthy all day. It was such a motivator."

Courtney W.

"When I first started using Everipe, I had never had a "green" smoothie. Greens with Envy is DELICIOUS. Both my teenagers loved it as well. I was delighted that the flavor was great and everything mixed well. They were super easy to use."

Beth S.

"I am an avid smoothie maker and drinker, so Everipe smoothies are a huge find for me. They're so easy! With Everipe, I don't have to worry about fresh fruit going bad and I don't have to figure out superfoods ingredients."

Elizabeth S.

"Everipe is exceptionally easy to prepare: clean up is a breeze. The easy 3-step process delivers healthy and flavorful results for my on-the-go active lifestyle! The kids were pleased with the variety of flavors and liked the natural sweetness of the recipes with no sugar added!"

Molly S.

"I’m not able to travel with frozen fruit for smoothies… they wouldn't do well in my suitcase! But Everipe is so easy to travel with. The freeze dried fruit tastes great—the same as the frozen fruit I used to use."

Melissa P.

Follow us at @Everipe and avoid #blenderfail